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CS Source 2 skin wear and float mechanics are broken in beta on day one

Counter-Strike 2 limited beta release didn't resolve all the questions related to skins yet. Despite Valve's promise to "keep every item you have collected" and make skins benefit from new lighting and materials, there are issues in the current state of beta. One of them is broken wear mechanics.

Many skins look like factory new while actually having worse conditions. Here is an example from the inventory of our editor with screenshots from both CS:GO and CS2. Well-Worn AWP | Safari Mesh has no scratches to its finish.

Screenshots from CS:GO and CS2 limited beta
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This does not reflect for every skin. Some of them still have worn-out condition signs, but they might also look different. Like this battle-scarred MAC-10, for example.

Screenshot from CS2 limited beta day 1

Of course, the issues will most likely be fixed in the following days, but the skin market already reacts to the appearance change of the skins. There are also issues with patterns shift and the overall look of many skins, with some now looking worse, and some becoming better than before.

CS:GO skin patterns changed in Counter-Strike 2. What happens with patterns and skin market in CS Source 2?
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