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M0NESY reaction to Counter-Strike 2: "Throwing HE and shooting smokes will let you see through them. Why would you even use smokes then?"

G2 Esports sniper Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov commented on the announcement of Counter-Strike 2. The player shared his thoughts on his Telegram channel.

I checked out their videos about new CS, it's funny. Throwing HE and shooting through smokes will let you see through them. Well, why would you even use smokes then? So far that's just a beta-test, a lot of things will be fixed before the release. Maps and textures look awesome. So, what do we have: new grenade mechanics, maybe even new shooting mechanics too, improved sounds, and new tick-rate system. That sounds good on paper, but I need to try it out first.

Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov
S1mple's reaction to Counter-Strike 2 release: "Valve, let us finish the tournaments to have same amount of time to prepare during the player break"

On March 22 Valve Corporation revealed some of the main features of the long-awaited update. New version will be called Counter-Strike 2, and will include new smokes, sound system, improved maps and skins, and radically new approach to the tick-rate.

Closed beta of CS2 also started on March 22. Selected players will receive an invitation when they launch CS:GO. There will be more waves of invites in the future, so if you want to figure out how to get an invite, you might want to check this article.

Counter-Strike 2 officially confirmed details: release date, responsive smokes and sub-tick system

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