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Richard Lewis: Evil Geniuses "furious after ESL segment" was mocking and "damaging their brand" Rumors

Richard Lewis reported on EG lodging an official complaint with ESL over the fun content sequence at ESL Pro League S17 that mocked their team and organization. Quoting his source, the management was "furious after the segment aired" and demanded its removal from the broadcast.

The episode was stylized as a popular British comedy show and targeted other teams such as FaZe and Outsiders. However, EG decided it was "damaging their brand" and complained to ESL. Their anonymous employee reported that TO took some measures to prevent future mockery.

All the broadcast talent was told to take it easy on Evil Geniuses after that. It was also agreed that ESL would not repeat the segment again for the rest of the event.

Source at ESL to Richard Lewis
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EG is struggling to reach any noticeable results, despite being in partnership with ESL and BLAST. The team placed last in four out of five EPL events and can be excluded from the league by rules.

This is not the first time when the organization has attacked event production. Earlier that year, their Director of Performance criticized casters for not praising their only significant win over Heroic. She also engaged with Cassad, addressing him as a "middle-aged white man" for no reason. The feud between the analyst and the org has been lasting ever since.

Evil Geniuses can't take a break, appearing from one scandal to another in many Esports. Earlier, Richard also broke down the story about Dota 2 star midlaner SumaiL suing the organization for deceiving him and trying to take away part of his earnings, including some EG shares. In League of Legends, the organisation supposedly mistreated their young star player Danny, who had serious mental health issues. Their decisions might've caused his retirement and even severe weight loss.

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