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Outsiders no more: is allowed to use its tag at ESL and BLAST events in CS:GO, including RMR and Paris Major got its tag back on CS:GO events, and don't have to play as Outsiders no more. First, BLAST announced that the team is allowed to play as VP on its events, and then organization revealed that ESL also finished its review of changes in ownership.

BLAST announcement was done by revealing the seeding for Paris Major 2023 RMR. In European Group A, is listed under their original banner. TO later confirmed the news to Luis Mira. As for ESL, the reveal came from official statement of VP. Nikolay Petrosian, CEO of the organization, commented on the news:

We welcome the decision of BLAST and ESL to return to their tournaments as a result of their in-depth reviews that confirmed the club has met the requirements for reintegration.

Nikolay Petrosian, CEO
Source: BLAST
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After was allowed back in R6: Siege circuit, CS:GO remained the last major esports where they had to play as Outsiders. We spoke to ESL about it in the beginning of March, and they explained that TO is "reviewing the recent changes in the structure and ownership of" and is close to finalizing it.

VP brand was blocked in many esports due to its connection to the Russian government. In September, the organisation reported cutting these ties and moving to Armenia, after VK Group sold the organization for almost $3 mln. This lead to the removal of sanctions in most esports, but, until this moment, not in CS:GO, as Outsiders took the trophy at IEM Rio Major 2022 in November under neutral flag.

VK Group announced deal value of selling in 2022
Cover: ESL | Michal Konkov
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