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MoistCr1tical says he "definitely wants to enter CS:GO for sure"

Charles Christopher "MoistCr1tical" White Jr. revealed he wants to enter the CS:GO scene in the future. He said it on a tarik's stream while watching Moist Moguls fighting FaZe Clan in Valorant.

MoistCr1tical owns the squad with another content creator, Ludwig "Ludwig" Ahgren. On stream, they discussed the upcoming Counter-Strike 2, and tarik asked if Moist Esports is considering opening a CS division. While Ludwig dismissed the idea, his partner said, "I definitely want to get into CS:GO for sure."

Moist Esports was based in 2021 and had been growing ever since. The organization has divisions in Rocket League, Apex Legends and fighting games. Ludwig joined in January 2023 as the co-owner, and in February, they officially entered Valorant, signing Team BreakThru.

Content makers having significant influence in esports teams is nothing new, with FaZe or PWR being big examples. But the new wave of streamers entering esports starts looking like a trend. Earlier this year, Disguised Toast picked a team in Valorant, and later xQc reportedly engaged in negotiations with another.

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