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Interz becomes free agent and leaves Cloud9 bench

Cloud9 waved goodbye to Timofey "Interz" Yakushin, who was with the core roster since their beginning as Gambit Youngsters. The organization thanked the player for his impact on Cloud9 "becoming an international powerhouse once again".

Interz didn't announce any plans yet, only commenting that "sadly C9 no longer need me" and confirming that he became a free agent.

Cloud9 moved Interz to the inactive roster at the beginning of the year and brought in former VP player Timur "buster" Tulepov. Many criticized the management for turning Interz into a "scapegoat" for all their troubles and inconsistency. The renewed team struggled at IEM Katowice 2023 but finished the group stage of EPL S17 well.

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Interz was on the roster from the very beginning of 2019. In a year and a half, Gambit Youngsters grew to be the top-tier squad and won IEM Katowice 2021. They were the best team in the world for a while during the online era.

At LAN events, Gambit wasn't that successful, struggling every time they reached playoffs on the stage of big tournaments. After Cloud9 bought the team, they won IEM Dallas 2022, although the competition lacked some top participants. The story repeated at Rio Major when the team cruised through the group stage but was knocked out by MOUZ in the first round of playoffs.

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