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Chat GPT-4 can make viable config for CS:GO on simple request

CS:GO enthusiast Birkir revealed that new OpenAI's Chat GPT bot can create an Autoexec.cfg file for you. He shared an example of a working result on Reddit. GPT-4 reportedly knows how to do it, but Birkir isn't aware if creating the config with the free GPT-3.5 model is possible.

Fans were surprised that OpenAI is aware of such a "niche thing" as CS:GO config. As seen below, the bot included options for setting volume at a certain level, along with upscaling and downscaling the radar. It is aware of the necessity of clearing decals as well.

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Birkir's prompt was as simple as "can you create a counter-strike global offensive autoexec formatted as code?" And the AI gave a basic description of what that file is serving for, where it's located on the PC, and how to use it. Birkir asked the system to update the exec with specific requests:

Chat GPT-4 released an answer using command lines that were never mentioned in the prompt. It also, once again, explained how to use it and reminded Birkir of the possibility of editing commands and key binds manually.

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