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M0NESY might've been dreaming about joining G2 Esports when he was 12 Photo

G2 Esports player Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov "predicted" he would end up in the organization long before it became true. Fans came to this conclusion after finding an old screenshot with the G2 logo as the profile picture on his Steam.

The screenshot was posted in December 2016. The prodigy was only 12 years old back then but, of course, already Global Elite.

Source: m0NESY's Steam

M0NESY was probably a big fan of French CS. The G2 team at the end of 2016 had players like shox, ScreaM, and RPK. Another picture in Ilya's steam profile was posted in 2017, with a new avatar showing the EnVyUs logo. That was also a French team that acquired ScreaM and RPK from G2. Maybe he was following one or both of these players?

EnVyUs also had apEX and KennyS at the time, and the latter was often compared to m0NESY for his AWPing playstyle.

M0NESY is currently 17. He got on the team in January 2022 for the reported record-breaking $600k buyout from NAVI Junior. In his short career, he had already won big events and placed 7th in HLTV Top 20 of best players of 2022.

M0NESY about CS:GO on Source 2: "I don't think it's going to be released before Major in Paris"

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