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OverDrive accuses DomiNation of cheating after they beat Spirit Academy in ESEA Advanced: "I have no doubts that they use special software" Rumors

Russian insider Aleksey "OverDrive" Biryukov accused Hungarian CS:GO team DomiNation of cheating in the ESEA Advanced S44. He claims that there are many former opponents of the team who claim the same. OverDrive posted his conclusion on Twitter.

After watching Domination games who won [not yet] ESEA Advanced, I have no doubts that they use special software. Moreover, almost all teams who faced them are saying the same. It could be their coach who gives the team the needed info.

Aleksey "OverDrive" Biryukov
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DomiNation has reached the winners' final in ESEA Advanced. In the upper semis, they beat Spirit Academy, with which OverDrive has strong connections: in the past, he coached two Spirit-affiliated teams, Ethereal and Espada. He was also mentioned as main roster's analyst in one of the players interviews, and once stepped in as its coach in 2022.

Team Spirit Academy dropped to the lower bracket and will face Insilio in the next round. DomiNation later defeated Iron Branch and advanced to the grand final of the event. They also guaranteed themselves a place in ESL Challenger League S45, which is why OverDrive says the Hungarians have "won" the event.

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