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PashaBiceps "closes the chapter" of famous Mercedes beef with TaZ: "Sorry, now whiskey is on me"

Former CS:GO pro Jaroslaw "pashaBiceps" Jarzabkowski commented on the old story about the Mercedes-Benz gifted to his ex-teammate Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas. He stated that there wasn't really a conflict because of it, but admitted that there was a "scramble for money" at some point. Regardless, PashaBiceps wants to "close this chapter" and focus on the good things they had in the past.

"Sorry, now whiskey is on me," added pashaBiceps in the following message. TaZ didn't answer to the former teammate on Twitter.

The Mercedes scandal marks the end of the Polish team for many. In 2017, the former owner of the organization, Anton "Sneg1" Cherepennikov, awarded TaZ with the car for the victory at DreamHack Masters Las Vegas.

PashaBiceps reveals his next opponent for MMA fight in Katowice

He explained the reasons for awarding TaZ and not the other players. Sneg1 stated that Wiktor "carried the team as a captain all his life." Other teammates weren't happy about this case, especially Filip "NEO" Kubski, who was the IGL at the time. Here are pashaBiceps sharing some more details of the story in 2022:

34-year-old PashaBiceps is going to fight in the octagon on March 18 for the second time in his life. It will happen in Spodek Arena, where VP were crowned as Major winners in 2014. In his previous battle, a boxing match in MMA gloves, Jaroslaw knocked out his rival. Now he has a more experienced opponent in the face of Marcin Dubiel. They will fight by the rules of MMA.

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