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ESL may have changed hotel for EPL S17 players because of scandal with s1mple last season Rumors

NAVI sniper Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev claims that ESL has changed the hotel in Malta based on his feedback from ESL Pro League S16. The player spoke about it in an audio message on his Telegram, poking those who doubted him.

Remember my beef with the hotel at the last ESL Pro League? There was mold and other shit. I didn't tell you that before. ESL and the head of that hotel administrator contacted me back then. We sat at a round table and discussed what was wrong with the hotel.

Oleksandr Kostyliev spoke about how the hotel worked and how poorly it was run. And ESL listened to Oleksandr. Now we live in a new hotel. You can see on everyone's social media how classy and great this new hotel is. This is why [starts singing]: If you're not down with me, I have two words for you: Suck it!

Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev
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In September 2022, s1mple publicly criticised the hotel provided to him in Malta for poor conditions. He complained about moldy ventilation and ants in his room. The hotel responded with allegations against s1mple. They claimed he "spent 21 days with a 'do not disturb' sign hanging on his door knob," refusing to let in the cleaning staff. When allowed, they fixed the issue in less than half an hour. It was also said that the place "was a mess, with food remnants throughout the room."

S1mple refuted the statement calling it "dirty lies." He pointed out several issues, claiming that the room was moldy before the mentioned period and that he rented another room, presumably with the same issues. Their back and forth led to ESL stepping in to investigate the problem. They said, "none of the 24 EPL teams mentioned mold issues in any way" but promised to identify the case.

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