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Insider reveals possible CS:GO Source 2 beta map pool, based on developers activity Rumors

Insider Maksim "Gabe Follower" Poletayev reminded the community of his previous "spying" on CS:GO developers. His group detected and tracked Valve's employees since mid-2022 to find out their activity on the maps marked "s2," presumably Source 2 versions.

These might be the maps we will see in the beta test, which will supposedly kick off in March. There are maps that fit every game mode, except Danger Zone, from Competitive to War Games.

Source: Gabe Follower Twitter
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List of possible Source 2 beta maps

  • de_overpass_s2 (Competitive, Casual)
  • de_shortdust_s2 (Demolition, Wingman)
  • de_lake_s2 (Arms Race, Wingman, Demolition)
  • de_inferno_s2 (Competitive, Casual)
  • ar_shoots_s2 (Arms Race)
  • cs_italy_s2 (Casual)
  • de_cbble_s2 (Competitive, Casual)

Counter-Strike 2 or CS:GO Source 2 beta will reportedly come out in March. The new engine will supposedly bring graphic and networking enhancements, improved matchmaking and 128-tick servers.

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