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Jame on Source 2: "Will I have to spend another 20k hours? I don't want to. I want to play Inferno and Mirage, know everything, and loot money"

Outsiders ( IGL Dzhami "Jame" Ali commented on the rumored transition to CS:GO Source 2. He worries that the game might be renewed to the point where his knowledge and other skills will not work. On stream, Jame also said he has no information besides the publicly available.

I don't have any insights on Source 2. I'm just a guy like you. <...> I hope it will be similar to Dota 2, and we won't lose anything. There were no mechanical changes, only better optimization and other things. I don't want to waste 20k hours in CS:GO. I'm tired of learning something new. Let's play some more on the old version.

I don't like when something is changed. Because I have to work a lot, and it brings randomness in the game. But Source 2 is a revolutionary change, or at least, people frame it that way. I should probably want this change because it will bring more money and people into the game. That's great because it is something new.

On the other hand, if the mechanics change, will you have to spend another 20k hours? Will I have to do this? That would be at the end of my career at 40k hours. Another 7-8 years at best. I don't want this. I want to play Mirage and Inferno, know everything, and loot the money.

Also, I want old maps back. Valve brings new ones, and I have to learn them, waiting for them to be fixed. A lot of time passes before the meta is shaped. I want Cache back. Cobblestone, not so much because I don't remember it having some proper play. <...>

If nothing changes in general, then why waste so many resources? If you only change the menu and boost performance, what's the point? The new engine must be revolutionary. There must be something that was missing or wasn't there before. For example, most of the bugs must be fixed.

Dzhami "Jame" Ali
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The reported transition to Source 2 doesn't mention massive core changes. It is claimed that CS:GO will become more optimized, while its matchmaking will be overhauled. There's a part that might affect the mechanics: dataminers found mentions of tickless or subtick systems. They might affect how some things operate in the game, such as nades or bunny hops. Source 2 will reportedly launch in beta by the end of March.

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