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Richard Lewis reveals Counter-Strike 2 "is true", with many details: beta release date, 128-tick servers, and new matchmaking system Rumors

Richard Lewis stepped in to end the numerous rumors of CS:GO moving to Source 2. In his report, the reputable journalist confirmed that Valve plans to release the new game, "almost certainly" named Counter-Strike 2. The beta launch is "just around the corner," coming in March with April 1st as the deadline.

It fits in line with a rumor by insider Aquarius who also claimed CS on Source 2 would come out in the first quarter of 2023.

There's no information on the way the game will come out. It might replace CS:GO or continue to exist alongside it like it was with previous titles. He also doesn't mention what would happen to CS:GO's famous skins market, estimated at billions of dollars. When Dota 2 was moved to Source 2, new version included old cosmetics, and it is likely this will be case with CS:GO. The lack of compatibility would definitely create community outrage on the scale never seen before in Valve games.

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The product should not be too raw for professional play. According to Lewis, some pros secretly flew to Seattle to test the game and gave their feedback. But it's still unclear when the tournament operators will transition to the new game as well.

Most important details from Richard Lewis's report

  • 128-tick servers will arrive, likely ready on day 1 of the launch.
  • The matchmaking system will be reworked "with features that it is hoped would make the need for third-party pugging services unnecessary."
  • Waiting times and uneven matchmaking fixed or reduced.
  • Source 2 will "improve the optimisation and graphical fidelity," although it might hurt low-end PC users.

Citing his sources, Richard revealed that Valve's CS department had this transition as the top priority, including specialists who worked on the game in the past. This explains the lack of attention and updates lately.

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