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Twistzz reveals his all-star lineup with s1mple and olofmeister Video

FaZe Clan player Russel "Twistzz" Van Dulken named five players that would fit his ideal CS:GO team. He picked them based on their roles for a more realistic lineup. Twistzz did it for the Betway Esports YouTube channel.

Twistzz's all-star lineup

The swedes got on the list because he liked early olofmeister and "idolized" f0rest. He picked a humble support role for himself. In his opinion, Karrigan would be an ideal IGL for such a team, with his free approach allowing everyone to show themselves.

Twistzz's actual team will soon participate in ESL Pro League S17. The event starts on February 22, with FaZe's Group C kicking off on March 8. This year, the tournament has changed its format. Instead of traditional round-robin groups, the groups will use double-elimination brackets.

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