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Rain will miss BLAST Spring Groups, olofmeister rumored to stand in [Updated]

Update: According to Dexerto, the most possible replacement for FaZe Clan is olofmeister, as he was registered as a substitute player. K0nfig is enlisted in the same position for Heroic.

Original news: FaZe Clan player Haward "rain" Nygaard will miss BLAST Spring Groups 2023 due to the birth of his child. FaZe announced this news on Twitter.

The organization promised to reveal his replacement on Friday, ahead of their first match but there's enough information to suggest that Kristian "k0nfig" Wienecke is going to stand in.

Russian Insider Haruma revealed on his Telegram that FaZe has been playing practice matches with k0nfig. The Danish rifler himself also seemingly promised to participate in some tournament. In response, Finn "karrigan" Andersen reacted with a questioning emoji.

Buster played only 11 matches on FACEIT during half a year of inactivity in VP

FaZe Clan's announcement sounds like a one-event thing, but there are reasons to worry about rain's future on the lineup. Previously, OverDrive reported that rain would take a break. Although he later refuted his information, it may still be partially true.

FaZe's chances at the BLAST event are looking worse now, but Karrigan is known for blending in temporary players and working with the always-changing squads. Actually, he won several tournaments with stand-ins.

ZywOo: "For apEX and me, it will perhaps be the first and only Major in France and Paris"

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