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Boombl4 went on stage with song about his ex-wife and $500,000 spent on her. It happened on a Russian rapper's concert Video

Ex-NAVI captain Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov performed his song on stage in the Russian city of Krasnogorsk. It happened on a show by rapper NILETTO, whose fan Mikhailov is. He sang his track "How much love costs" about the relationship with ex-wife LiQueen. Part of the show Boombl4 posted on his Telegram.

Boombl4's song was first recorded together with multiple popular Russian rappers. It is dedicated to LiQueen and mentions the $500,000 (28 mln rubles) that he spent on her during their time together. You can read the lyrics translation of Boombl4's song by following the link below.

Boombl4 releases song about his wife. Here's the lyrics with translation

Boombl4 is currently a free agent. His contract expired after half a year of inactivity in NAVI. Supposedly, his wife's behavior led to the team parting ways with the IGL earlier in May 2022. Rumor has it he will soon join a new BetBoom team. The announcement should happen in the near future.

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