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Esports Charts: T1, RRQ, and NAVI lead list of most watched teams in 2022

T1 League of Legends roster was the most-watched esports team in 2022, with 113 mln hours watched. Indonesian RRQ (MLBB) follows them with 88 mln, and NAVI (CS:GO) closes the top 3 with 74 mln. These statistics were provided by Esports Charts

Note that estimations don't include Chinese numbers and Battle Royale genre disciplines. These results reflect not the organizations' numbers but only the separate teams' viewership.

They are followed by DRX (LoL), FaZe Clan (CS:GO), ONIC Esports (MLBB), Gen.G (LoL), EVOS Legends (MLBB), G2 Esports (CS:GO), and DWG KIA (LoL).

Source: Esports Charts

T1 gained such popularity and jumped two positions higher thanks to their finish in the grand final of Worlds 2022. They share the same peak viewership with DRX, who were their opponents in the match.

NAVI gained the most popularity from their CS:GO roster. The biggest number of fans was attracted during Antwerp Major when they faced FaZe Clan, which is once again reflected on the graph.

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