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ESIC lifts HUNDEN's ban, both parties "will not comment on the matter"

ESIC removed their ban on coach Nikolai "HUNDEN" Petersen. The official reason is unclear. The commission stated that they've met with the specialist and had a conversation "in good faith and in a collaborative spirit."

HUNDEN's ban was supposed to last until August 2023. This announcement makes him free from any sanctions, effective immediately, nine months before the expiration.

On 29 November 2022, the parties met in person in order to discuss matters arising from that participation ban. The meeting was conducted in good faith and in a collaborative spirit. While the parties were in disagreement on certain matters, both parties recognized the importance of integrity to the thriving Esports industry.

Following discussions between the parties, Mr.Petersen has agreed to undertake relevant training and ESIC has confirmed that it will review its policies and procedures to ensure they are consistent with good industry practice and fit for purpose. In light of the constructive engagement between the parties, Mr. Petersen will return to participation in ESIC member events with immediate effect.

Nikolai "HUNDEN" Petersen
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ESIC closed their statement with a line that implies they won't revert or even discuss the topic. They didn't specify why it had to be done that way, either.

This statement supersedes any and all previous public statements made by the parties on this matter, and the parties will make no further comment on this matter.

Nikolai "HUNDEN" Petersen

After the announcement, HUNDEN thanked a group of lawyers for helping him with this case. Echoing ESIC, he said, "Matters have now been concluded on the basis of the agreed joint statement, and further comments won’t be made."

There was a case when ESIC similarly adjusted its verdict. Imperial coach Luis "peacemaker" Tadeu got the help of a legal team, applied for the case, and had his ban time reduced.

HUNDEN was serving his second ban by ESIC when this decision came out. He was one of the first coaches who abused the famous camera bug. Interestingly enough, his first sanction period was reduced by a third, from a full year to eight months. The official reason was that he admitted the blame and cooperated with ESIC.

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Soon after his return to Heroic, he got into another scandal. Reportedly, the coach was about to move to Astralis when he shared their rival's strat book with them. During the following investigation by ESIC, HUNDEN revealed that Heroic players knew about the coaching bug. That was partially confirmed, but only one player, Nikolaj "niko" Kristensen served a disciplinary penalty.

This didn't turn out well for HUNDEN, who supposedly manipulated niko to disclose the bug usage by other team members. The player appeared to have Asperger's syndrome, which HUNDEN was aware of, so his actions were widely criticized.

Earlier this year, Richard Lewis revealed that HUNDEN was cooperating with Astralis behind the scene. This was denied by the organization, but they confirmed that Peterson was working on an affiliated project.

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