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Author of Mirage is dissatisfied with NiKo and other CS:GO pros resistant to map changes

The creator of Mirage and other CS:GO maps Michael "BubkeZ" Hull criticized professional players on Twitter. He blamed them for laziness and for showing no interest in new maps. G2's Nikola "NiKo" Kovac's statement on Anubis served as an example for BubkeZ.

After Valve added Anubis to the professional map pool, the Bosnian star at first expressed disappointment. He was wondering why the developers didn't bring back the old classic like Cobblestone, Cache, or Tuscan. But two days later, NiKo complimented the map for being better than Valve's latest developments, Vertigo and Ancient.

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Professional players' opinion on Anubis seems to be mixed. In a recent HLTV video posted shortly before BubkeZ's Tweet, they didn't show much enthusiasm, many confessed that they didn't even try it yet. NiP IGL hampus echoed NiKo's words, preferring old maps to return.

BubkeZ was the original author of CS 1.6 Mirage. In CS:GO, he made Iris, Swamp, and Thrill. He also attempted to remake his other CS 1.6 layouts. The map called Engage was created in collaboration with a known designer catfood. Valve added it to the Scrimmage mode in Operation Broken Fang, but it didn't stay for too long. 3kliksphilip made a video detailing the process of its creation back in 2020.

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