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Lord Bendtner appears at BLAST Fall Finals to save Denmark from s1mple and m0NESY

Star footballer Nicklas "Lord" Bendtner visited BLAST Fall Finals 2022 and participated in the showmatch between Team Denmark and Dream Team featuring s1mple and m0nesy.

Lord's joined the teams mid-match when Denmark was losing 6:9 on Anubis. He was supposed to save his countrymen creating a 6v5 advantage. Bendtner got a few frags and even killed s1mple in on of the duels. At first, things went well for the Danes but in the end, they couldn't overcome their star opponents.

The showmatch was a lot of fun, featuring the first 1v6 attempt in the pro scene. It was, of course, s1mple who had an opportunity to make this historical play. And he got as close as possible to the achievement if not for dupreeh, who evaded him long enough for the timer to run out.

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M0NESY had his moment too. The young prodigy showcased quite a precise calculation defusing the bomb in the last split-second in 1 HP. This is how much he had left after running to the bomb through a molly.

BLAST Fall Finals 2022 is running in Copenhagen, Denmark, from November 23 to 27 with eight attending teams. The prize pool of the completion is $425,000. In the grand final following the showmatch, FaZe Clan will clash with Heroic.

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