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OverDrive: Boombl4, sdy, mir might play in new team Rumors

Russian insider Alexey "OverDrive" Biryukov shared a rumor of a new lineup from Eastern Europe, including Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov, Viktor "Somedieyoung" Orudzhev, and Nikolay "mir" Bityukov. The message on OverDrive's Telegram channel was sent in a joking manner, so take this with a huge grain of salt.

Another interesting news is forZe testing Aunkere, again. There's also... mir, somedieyoung, Boombl4. Oh f**k, I forgot to mute the mic.

Alexey "OverDrive" Biryukov

All three players don't have a proper team currently. Boombl4 is officially on NAVI's bench, and it's unclear if they'll demand a high buyout, considering the circumstances of his removal. According to our sources, he will become the free agent on January 1 2023, so, regardless of the sum, pretty soon his buyout won't matter anymore.

Since leaving NAVI active squad, Boombl4 never joined any rosters except amateur streamer teams to participate in low-tier show events, but voiced the desire to continue his career.

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Sdy is actively playing for NAVI, but the organization didn't show a lot of desire to officially sign him. Recent interviews with various team members make it look like he will be out very soon. Mir is a free agent. He has been playing on Entropiq lately, but they released almost the entire roster two weeks ago.

Possible Boombl4's squad

  • Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov
  • Viktor "Somedieyoung" Orudzhev
  • Nikolay "mir" Bityukov
  • TBA
  • TBA
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mir mir

OverDrive OverDrive

Boombl4 Boombl4

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