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Thorin: ESL's "Player of the Decade" award list doesn't have NiKo or KennyS because of the "mental" voting procedure

CS:GO analyst Duncan "Thorin" Shields critiqued ESL for the way they ran "Player of the decade" award at IEM Rio Major 2022. His sources revealed to him that the voting was done in a very straightforward way: one vote per player only. On Revenge of by the Numbers podcast, Duncan explained how it led to Zeus and NBK- ending up in top-13, while KennyS or NiKo didn't even get on the list.

Here's how I was told it was done: You just pick one name. Now, this is mental, mate. That means that when you have names on there like Zeus (CS player of the decade!), that was probably one guy who picked Zeus. That means when they were asking, pro players were saying names like, "Zeus... or, excuse me, that would be Pasha for me. Oh, right, you want one player of the entire decade? 2012 to 2022? Well, I have to go with dupreeh." <...>

Here's the real juice. My little birds told me that because you were only voting for one person, there are some mental ones. And I looked it up, and they're right. So are you ready to blow your mind, Semmler? Think of the list of players that you just read of. That list doesn't include NiKo or KennyS, btw.

Duncan "Thorin" Shields
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ESL Player of the Decade in order of importance

  1. s1mple
  2. dev1ce
  3. f0rest
  4. karrigan
  5. FalleN
  6. coldzera
  7. dupreeh
  8. olofmeister
  9. pashabiceps
  10. GeT_RiGhT
  11. gla1ve
  12. NBK-
  13. Zeus

These people didn't make the list, because there would be not enough voters or whatever. I was also told that in the same world that NiKo and KennyS were not nominated, behind the scenes, people were actually picking guys like fnx, KioShima, and Happy.

Duncan "Thorin" Shields
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Duncan also mocked ESL for their mistake, awarding NAVI superstar Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev. The podium with his name on it had "s1mlpe" instead of his nickname. To worsen the effect, the ceremony was held in front of a half-empty arena, after FURIA upset NAVI, kicking them out of the Major.


Zeus Zeus

NiKo NiKo

kennyS kennyS

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