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"Such a great feeling. It's like when you find a good anime," Jame comments on top-1 HLTV, names the titles that helped him win Rio Major

Outsiders IGL Dzhami "Jame" Ali commented on reaching 1st place on HLTV. He considers this to be a bigger achievement than winning IEM Rio Major 2022. On his Telegram channel, he then made a surprising comparison to anime.

What's there? Top-1 team in the world? This was the dream, actually. Winning a Major is ok, but becoming the best team on HLTV, at least for a minute… Your team is the best in the world. It's such a great feeling. I don't know what to compare it with. It's like when you find a good anime.

Dzhami "Jame" Ali
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A bit later, Jame then went on Twitter and posted the top 3 "anime that helped him win Major." They all represent the shonen genre, which often focuses on overcoming obstacles on the hero's path. Previously, Jame shared his favorite animes but didn't mention these titles.

The weekly HLTV rating of November 14 has put Outsiders on top of the charts, thanks to their Major win. Before the event, Jame's team was in 8th place. Their grand final opponents, Heroic, went from 7th to 2nd.

IEM Rio Major 2022 was held in Brazil from October 31 to November 13. The prize pool of $1.25 was shared among 24 teams.

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