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IEM Rio Major 2022 is second in history by hours watched, first with peak happening not in grand final

Update: Esports charts renewed stats for peak viewership: NAVI vs. FURIA is now at 1.43 mln viewers. The hours watched also grew a bit.

IEM Rio Major 2022 came as a bit of a disappointment for the fans expecting crazy viewing numbers. It peaked during NAVI vs. FURIA quarterfinal, gathering 1.37 mln spectators, falling behind Stockholm (2.7 mln) and Antwerp (2.1 mln) by quite a margin. According to Esports Charts, this was the first Major in history where the grand final wasn't the biggest match.

Outsiders and Heroic brought only 1.1 mln fans online. The tournament is still the third across other events of the series. But Rio Major has good numbers in terms of overall watching time, making it the second-best in history, with a comparable air time.

Top 5 CS:GO tournaments by hours watched. Source: Esports Charts
S1mple happy with Rio fans, despite giving middle fingers to crowd, and someone spitting at a NAVI player

Important to note that many favorite lineups didn't even get to the playoffs, and quarterfinals didn't feature a single top-5 rated roster. So the numbers reflect a steady fanbase, ready to watch the competition even without the best teams.

IEM Rio Major 2022 ran from October 31 to November 3, with 24 teams fighting for a $1.25 prize pool. It was the first competition of the series held in Brazil, and every stage of it had a live audience.

"Best headshots are in my videos." Eva Elfie receives "her own MVP award" at Rio Major, takes photo with s1mple, and cheers for Brazil



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