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B1ad3: "We're practicing Vertigo because we want to play seven maps. I think we might pick it at the Major"

NAVI CS:GO coach Andrii "B1ad3" Horodenskyi once again confirmed that they are practicing Vertigo. The team will not drop Nuke, but rather adjust to a seven-maps pool. In the recent NAVI vlog, they spoke about electronic's crazy performance against Illuminar Gaming and his progress as the IGL.

We're practicing Vertigo because we want to play seven maps. It's convenient because you don't have to ban the map against teams who play six when you know they won't go for it. If they do, you have some strats and you can play the map. So it's really good.

We were ready to leave it in the pool at this tournament [EPL S16] and the RMR event, and I think we might even be prepared to pick the map at the Major. Against those who don't play it, obviously.

Andrii "B1ad3" Horodenskyi
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Electronic's inconsistency as the leader

I think it's hard for him because we're not the same team as we were before the break. He may have expected it to be like Cologne or Lisbon but it's more difficult for him now, which explains inconsistency. He might not expect us to have a particular flaw, and his reaction to our mistakes can be discouraging sometimes. It's too early to talk about Denis because we need to hold a proper bootcamp to adjust our slightly broken system. Then, we'll be able to see how he's progress with this system.

We're back to our pre-break system now, but we haven't been able to regain the form we had during the Lisbon triumph and the grand final in Cologne yet. Some of the players weren't able to do their best and that's why a lot of things didn't happen.

Andrii "B1ad3" Horodenskyi
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Sdy on Electronic's 41 frags against Illuminar.

Denis won that game solo. We were just running around and he was killing everyone. But there were still mistakes, that's why we gave away five rounds. <...> [What do you feel about these kinds of matches?] Just like any other game, you need to put maximum effort and stick to the planned preparation. And everything will be ok.

In their latest match at the RMR for IEM Rio 2022, NAVI destroyed Illuminar. Electronic played the best map of his career, finishing with 3.07 HLTV ranking and a score of 41-10. This was done during 21 total rounds.




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