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K0nfig's fight eyewitness claims that player fractured his ankle in altercation with Malta club promoter

Presumed eyewitness of Kristian “k0nfig” Wienecke’s fight talked about the incident to He claims that player's ankle fracture happened during this incident. Earlier Jaxon reported on him possibly leaving Astralis following the fist fight on Malta.

According to the eyewitness Michiel de Jong, Wienecke got into an altercation with a promoter of nightclub called Flow. He claims that the promoter "spat in k0nfig’s face, kicked him, and disappeared into the nightclub as bouncers arrived".

Later Astralis player noticed the offender leaving the club, and decided to “go for him”. De Jong said that “k0nfig saw him and ran after him; he was unstoppable". They got into a fight, and at some point during the confrontation, Wienecke shouted that he broke his leg.

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On September 27 reported on Astralis considering removing k0nfig from the roster after him getting into a fight on Malta. The player denied the allegations, but haven't said anything concrete, saying that the publication contacted him "with rumors that are mostly BS" and "even added to the story" while publishing it.

The story might be "mostly BS", but one thing is known already — k0nfig will at least miss European RMR. The team announced that, due to his ankle fracture, they will play the event with Mikkel "MistR" Thomsen instead. NAVI secretly changed the owner. The current one is tied to and Vulcan casino

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