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FaZe analyst on Benched Heroes visa issues: "Could their situation change if they had an organization? I think it could"

FaZe Clan analyst Vyacheslav "innersh1ne" Britvin commented on the Benched Heroes disqualification from the European RMR tournament. Two players from the team couldn't get a visa, and the analyst thinks that the lack of organization might've influenced the result.

On Benched Heroes situation. Am I sad for the team? Yes, undoubtedly so. How much the team/players are at fault that Calyx and Aunkere didn't get their vises? It's unclear. I'd say there is some fault on them, because all other players, including ones from Russia, got their visas. But maybe it was just a visa randomizer.

The question that needs to be asked is this: could BH situation change if they had an organization? I think it could. So the following question is how much real offers they got and why sides didn't come to an agreement.

My personal opinion is this: they might've gotten enough offers, but I think that they didn't agree on salary. In reality, a mix like Benched Heroes has no basis to ask for a high salary. Somewhere around $2000-4000 would be fair.

The team's prospects and future are unknown. Just getting to the RMR is not an achievement, since the chances to getting to the Major weren't high, objectively speaking. But, as Magician [ex-CEO of HellRaisers] wrote once, in CS:GO there is a lot of players who are asking for unreasonably gigantic (not just big) salaries, and can't always evaluate their own true prospects and worth.

As a finishing thought, two points:

1) I don't know if that's what happened with BH, but it's entirely possible.

2) With growth of the game, competition, and with time the number of reasonable players, who understand the market, grows. And that's good.

Vyacheslav "innersh1ne" Britvin
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At the beginning of September, Aunkere announced that a "very good" organization from UK was interested in signing the team. Later he said that they didn't come to an agreement, but another "big world-wide team" took interest. He said that their offered salary was more than $5k a month.

Russian streamer Buster also tried to sign the team, but they didn't agree on price with smooya. According to Buster, they were asking for more than $5k, because for $5k he would sign them at least for this Major cycle. NAVI secretly changed the owner. The current one is tied to and Vulcan casino



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