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ESL on s1mple's lags in match against Heroic at EPL S16: "It looks like it was an external attack targeted at individual players"

SVP of Game Ecosystems at ESL Ulrich "theflyingdj" Schulze commented on the issues and delays in the match between Natus Vincere and Heroic on ESL Pro League S16. In a comment to he explained that the players were experiencing a targeted attack.

I don't think people knew at the time. It looks like it was an external attack targeted at individual players, which we were able to stop when we identified the issue. We have made Valve aware and are taking steps to prevent it from happening again.

Ulrich "theflyingdj" Schulze

The issues started on the third map of the series. The players started lagging and dropping from server with a very high ping. Because of the pauses and delays, best-of-3 series took almost 5 hours to complete. NAVI won the third map with a score 16:7 and will meet G2 Esports on September 30. NAVI secretly changed the owner. The current one is tied to and Vulcan casino

Dota 2 streamers are currently plagued by the similar issue. Unknown attackers are able to repeatedly kick players from their matches, which caused some streamers like Danil "Dendi" Ishutin to take a break from streaming. It's possible that someone found the way to use the same exploit in CS:GO. If that's the case, the new info might help Valve in fixing the issue. But it's entirely possible that it was just a simple DDoS attack.

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