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Benched Heroes will miss EU RMR: Calyx wasn't able to get visa either

Update from 14:35 GMT September 27: Aunkere said that the team still has a chance, as Calyx will have another meeting on his visa tomorrow. He posted the news on his Telegram channel. Smooya also said the same on stream, but he doesn't think there is a chance of him succeeding after today's failure.

Original article: Owen "smooya" Butterfield announced that Benched Heroes will miss EU RMR. It seems that Buğra "Calyx" Arkın wasn't able to solve his visa issues, so now two members of the team can't travel to the event.

Earlier ESL decided that it won't allow emergency stand-ins or roster changes, so this is the end of Benched Heroes' run in the EU RMR for Major in Rio. The team will be replaced by Illuminar Gaming.

According to Evgeniy "Aunkere" Karyat, Calyx's issues on the first try appeared because "they" didn't believe that he is going to compete at the tournament. It's unclear what went wrong now. Butterfield mentioned that issues might've started because "a specific company isn’t responding or taking the correct actions to help secure the visa".

On September 26 Aunkere announced that he wasn't able to solve his visa issues. He had Schengen visa before, but it recently expired, so around a month ago he applied for another one. On his first try French embassy didn't believe that Russian player will return home after the tournament.

Aunkere on his FPL winnings: "If FACEIT will tell me that there is absolutely no way of me getting that money, I will ask them to give it to charity"



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