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Apparently, smooya and Aunkere stack wanted to invite Boombl4, but he declined because "he was recording a track"

BenchedHeroes' Rodion "Fear" Smyk revealed that the team wanted to participate IEM Rio RMR qualification with Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov. Playing alongside smooya, they wanted to boost the hype around the squad, so adding the former NAVI captain seemed like a good idea. Unfortunately, he rejected their offer. Fear shared this on leniniw's stream.

This was our initial goal, to create a hype team. We created a Twitter account because we have two media players [smooya and Aunkere] who are streaming a lot. This idea led us to invite Boombl4, but he didn't want to join because he was recording a track.

Rodion "Fear" Smyk

Who would be a captain in this case?

I can play any role. It's just that we needed an anchor player. Boombl4 is very good on paper, and I'd adjust. I don't know if he was interested to play, he is still under contract with NAVI. You can see that downgrading from NAVI to BenchedHeroes sounds not that good.

Aunkere messaged him, because he knows him a bit. He asked but Boombl4 declined. I don't know much more about it. I don't see anything bad about this attempt because we are a mixed team that doesn't have a goal to win something big, we wanted to play qualifiers and stream it. We were trying to play for the win but we might not have qualified as well. Why Boombl4? Aunkere suggested him because of the huge experience and his role. It could be a lot of hype.

Rodion "Fear" Smyk
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On BenchedHeroes' preparation to RMR

We came to an assumption that we would practice together at a bootcamp. We have a preparation plan but our gathering won't be long. We are aware that we are a mixed team, so it's hard to catch up on teams with a proper organization. We need to identify issues precisely and focus on small steps. It's also important not to burn out or annoy each other to get into optimal shape before RMR. We want to improve our individual level and communication, but we won't work for 12 hours a day because we can't catch up on top teams anyway.

Rodion "Fear" Smyk

BenchedHeroes got an RMR slot through the 4th open qualifiers with Calyx and MICHU on the lineup. They will face NAVI in the first round of the event on October 4. Fear and Aunkere are both former NAVI academy players, and the latter has almost 350k followers on Twitch. They already played together with smooya at other events.

Boombl4 hasn't found a new team yet after being kicked from NAVI at the end of May. But he said that he still has the desire to compete, and will be also making rap alongside CS:GO career. His first published track was recorded in a collaboration with few big Russian rappers and was dedicated to his ex-wife. You can read the lyrics translation on our site.

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