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New Tuscan references legendary Edward's pistol ace from 2010

Fans spotted an interesting crate with bottles on the new Tuscan remake. Supposedly, it is an easter egg to commemorate the iconic pistol ace by Ioann "Edward" Sukhariev from the CS 1.6 era.

There are five bottles boxed together with signings "USP Special" and "USP Ace" on them. The labels also depict stylized headshots.

Edward did his famous ace at the Arbalet Cup Best of 4 2010 tournament in a game against Fnatic. He dismantled the whole enemy team in one continuous motion, spending just one clip.

The Tuscan remake arrived to CS:GO on August 8. The players can now enjoy the fully finished rework and play on it, using Steam Workshop. Many fans and professional players are awaiting Valve to add Tuscan into the official CS:GO matchmaking.

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