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Tuscan CS:GO remake is finally ready after almost three years of work

Map designers catfood and Kevin "Brute" Walrath have finished the development of Tuscan for CS:GO. They announced it on Twitter, and it's available for download on the Steam Workshop.

Fans hope the long-awaited map will become part of the official matchmaking. Whether it will make it, depends on Valve. By the end of July, the devs were studying the map on their servers.

Tuscan was tested on FACEIT and showcased by professionals at some events' show matches. There was also an open public beta version ongoing since May.

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Tuscan was a classic map for CS 1.6, later renamed to de_cpl_mill for tournament purposes. There was an unofficial remake at the beginning of CS:GO. At the end of 2019, the original author, Brute, started to make a new version.

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