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Tempest manager signs scandalous CS:GO team without owners' knowledge

Tempest Gaming announced the signing of timbermen, a small NA team with a bad reputation. Two hours after the reveal, the Twitter post was taken down. Later, the organization owners explained that their manager made the deal behind their backs. The story was shared by

Timbermen players previously served bans from the competitive scene for using racial slurs and homophobic sayings. This is why their signing announcement provoked a reaction from Tempest player for Valorant, Kal.

I messaged the owners of Tempest and voiced my opinion as I am not sure they are aware of the history of the team. My future is unknown with the org, as I will never support such a team. I will be waiting until an official statement is released from Tempest Gaming.

Kal, Tempest Gaming
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The owners, however, stated they didn't know about such a deal and didn't approve it. In another official statement, they clarified that one of the owners was informed, but didn't know about timbermen's history.

None of this was really approved by any of the three owners. To give context, one of our owners is moving, the other is working on a boat, and the last one just got out of the hospital, where as the one in the hospital was told he never approved it or knew what really was going on. So there is a bunch of miscommunication/no communication going on really, there is no excuse for this, and it's bringing negative attention to both the org and the players, where as we apologize to those players that this process is causing some issues that have been unseen. We never want to aim for this, this is just what seemed to happen this time in this current situation. <...>

There were no official contracts given or signed by any of the owners for the players before joining our team. The team was found solely by our CS:GO manager, who was in talks with this team and only told one of the owners of Tempest Gaming but left out the history behind the players. Had this information been brought to our attention sooner, we would have never allowed the players to join our org in the first place.

Tempest Gaming official statement

Most fans first heard about timbermen after Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski's accusations. In February 2021 he revealed some chat logs, involving some of these players, with explicit speech and racial slur. Soon after that, the players were blocked in FPL and dropped by Depth Esports.

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