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Vitality release their skin package for CS:GO Photo

Team Vitality revealed a Rush Hornet collection of CS:GO skins. The organization invited fans to vote in the Steam Workshop to see these items released in the game. The collection has patterns for AK-47, M4A1, AWP, and Desert Eagle. They were made in collaboration with Nextgenz, a famous skin maker who has 13 works officially added to CS:GO.

Most skins have a slightly different Vitality Logo on the back of the gun that is always visible to a player. Vitality went on Twitter to promote these skins. Rush Hornet package was posted on July 28 and updated on July 3.

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Esports organizations often request to add their skins to the game in an attempt to earn profit from the sales. Such approach exists in CS:GO only with Major stickers, while other disciplines like Rainbow Six Siege have team skins and share their earnings with the orgs.

Having their own collection released by Valve would've given Vitality the same outcome. And skin makers in CS:GO are rumored to earn about $100k per year for one skin, even by a very conservative estimation. The club's very active fanbase may push the Workshop vote to the top. But in the end, it is still up to Valve if they add the skin to CS:GO or not.

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