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Ocelote on Boombl4 negotiations with G2: "What the f**k am I reading? Boombla get a grip, mate"

G2 Esports CEO Carlos "ocelote" Rodriguez discredited Kirill's "Boombl4's" Mikhailov's words about negotiations with the European club. He didn't specify what was exactly wrong with the statements of Russian IGL but appeared to be unhappy about them on Twitter.

It's not clear what exactly disappointed Carlos here. Previously, Boombl4 stated on stream that his first talk with the CEO didn't go too far. Russian IGL decided that he was not ready to move abroad. Later on, in the same broadcast, he clarified a bit more.

Everyone's saying that I refused. It was just that we were talking to the CEO, and he asked me five key questions. While I was answering those, I realized that there's no point to continue the negotiations. Because I wasn't ready to accept some conditions. It wasn't like they came and said, "We want you," but rather just a talk. And while we were talking, I realized that I won't agree to their terms and conditions if I'd decide to join them.

Kirill's "Boombl4's" Mikhailov

G2 Esports were in search of a captain after the start of the player's break. Rumors had many names, but if to believe neL, the org already signed ex-Copenhagen Flames IGL Rasmus "HooXi" Nielsen.

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