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Boombl4 confirmed talks with G2, didn't agree on terms

Ex-NAVI captain Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov appeared on the stream of one of the most famous Russian rappers. He confirmed the rumors about negotiating with G2 Esports, but they couldn't agree on the terms.

According to Boombl4, he spoke to G2 Carlos "ocelote" Rodrigues but the negotiations didn't pass the initial stage. He said there were issues with his relocation conditions, taxes, and language barrier.

Boombl4 wants to join team from Europe, is going to make rap alongside CS:GO career

There was a lot of conditions with relocation to another country, different taxes, other systems. I'd like to stay in Russia for now, because it's extremely hard to relocate in terms of morale, live in Europe without friends, family, close people. It's not about my love for some country or something, I just don't really want to leave my circle. Without that, my morale... You will be burning out really fast, and won't be able to recover that energy anywhere. [...]

They gave me three countries to chose from. Well, I talked with another player from the team about his terms, and I just understand that I'd have the same with them. Germany, Serbia, and France or Andorra, if I'm not mistaken. [...] It's just hard for me to change places like that. And you see, it's not just about relocation, but also about a language, you need time to fit into the team and implement your ideas, but G2 will want results quickly.

Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov

Mikhailov said he got offers from other teams and thought about creating his own CS:GO squad. He has a short list of potential players but didn't reveal their names.

Boombl4 kept his promises about his rap career as he visited to compose a feat on stream. The notorious rapper is wildly famous for his scandalous compositions. He currently lives in Dubai, where he was previously visited by s1mple. At the moment of publication, the broadcast is still going on.

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