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Twistzz: "Cologne was the the first event I showed my mum when I was going pro"

FaZe Clan player Russell "Twistzz" Van Dulken revealed that CS:GO events in Cologne have a special place in his heart. ESL One Cologne 2015 impressed him so much that he used it to introduce his mother to CS and explain his passion. Twistzz shared his thoughts talking to Cloud9's manager Sweetypotz for his vlog review of IEM Cologne 2022.

Cologne got its prestige from being a Major so often, but I think lately, it's losing its prestige because not enough hype built around it. Possibly, being a Major again could bring it back.

For me, when I won Cologne, it was so special, because when I was going pro in CS it was the first event I showed my mum. I was watching Cologne and I told her, "You know, I can be here one day". So Cologne is a special event, personally for me. I think I was watching FnaticEnVyUs final, and it was insane. It was my first impression, and I was so excited watching it. And months later I reshowed my mom, the crowd and everything, how the teams playing and how amazing it was. For me, it's something special.

Russell "Twistzz" Van Dulken

Twistzz became IEM Cologne 2022 champion with FaZe Clan. He is the only NA player who managed to win it twice and also who did it with different teams. He had a huge impact in the deciding rounds of a full bo5 series against NAVI, breaking their defense on Nuke.

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ESL One Cologne 2015 ESL One Cologne 2015

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