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BLAST Director: "Just to dispel any rumors; BLAST is always interested in hosting a Major" Interview

The Managing Director at BLAST, Charlotte Kenny, stated that they are open to hosting a CS:GO major. Although she doesn't confirm if BLAST will apply for the major in 2023. The interview was posted on

We always get lots of comments on whether we are interested in hosting a Major or not. Just to dispel any rumors; BLAST is always interested in hosting a Major. What’s important is that our community wants to have a Major hosted by BLAST, so that we can make sure that is the best Major that ever will be and that it fits in with our strategy. Watch this space. When the time is right, we will do a Major.

[Will BLAST apply for the summer 2023 Major?] I can’t comment on that specifically, but I can say watch this space. And we will let the world know when we are ready to do a Major.

Charlotte Kenny, Managing Director at BLAST
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Charlotte spoke about BLAST's global strategy and the goal to become recognized worldwide. She said the TO is coming back on LANs "with vengeance" after the pandemic pause. She also hinted at future improvements for 2023.

We want to bring BLAST Premier to every corner of the globe. The support that we have got is from all around the world and we’re delighted that we have so many fans traveling everywhere to all our events. And it’s therefore important that we make BLAST so accessible to everyone. <...>

The world is literally about to take off with BLAST and what we have got planned. 2022 was our first year being back in a LAN arena, with the upset of industries and all industries faced with Covid-19. So, we’re just getting back to where we were in 2018-2019. I will say watch this space for 2023, we’re coming back, and we’re coming back with vengeance.

Charlotte Kenny, Managing Director at BLAST
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BLAST is the second-biggest TO in CS:GO after ESL. In December 2021 Chad "SPUNJ" Burchill assumed the company isn't interested in running a major. Even though BLAST occasionally denied such assumptions, their voice wasn't heard, and many thought that the TO can't afford to run such an expensive and lasting event.

There are not so many top-tier operators to host a major apart from PGL or ESL. The community praises BLAST production, which is considered to be the best in the discipline. However, the company prefers small but saturated events, which allow them to keep the balance of production value and operation expenses.

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