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Mopoz: "We were expecting to reach a few things in 1.5-2 years, and we just made it in 10 months. It's surprising even for us" Exclusive

Movistar Riders player Alejandro "Mopoz" Cano shared his feelings upon reaching IEM Cologne 2022, spoke about Spanish CS:GO, and his perception of Owen "smooya" Butterfield, who previously played for MRS. Mopoz discussed these topics with Maria Gunina for Escorenews.

I would like to have won against FaZe, of course. But anyway I'm super happy with the run we made here, in Cologne. Because Lanxess is one of the biggest tournaments in CS:GO, it's a dream for every single player. So, I'm super happy, and I'd like to repeat this in the future.

Alejandro "Mopoz" Cano

The most memorable moment is beating G2

What do I remember the most? Might be beating G2 in the play-in [group stage]. Before that, we were playing in Valencia, Dubai, and Dallas. They beat us in Dallas: It was like 16:1 or 16:2 [it was 16:5]. So taking revenge against them feels very good for me, because it was like a personal goal. So I'm super happy with that.

Alejandro "Mopoz" Cano
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On the initial negative reaction in Spain after this lineup assembly

Ah, there are few people in Spain who don't really feel confident about us. It's normal. We need to reach our goal and work hard to make them realize that we can get everything we want. For example, for this roster, it was a long run. We were expecting to reach a few things in 1.5-2 years... And we just made it in 10 months. So it's surprising even for us.

Alejandro "Mopoz" Cano

On Smooya blaming teammates after leaving Movistar Riders

I don't really care. Owen is a really good person and is super funny. But that's it. The humor that he has is that way. You shouldn't take it personally. I keep talking with him, even though we had a few hard moments. I'm keeping in touch with him, and I don't care what he said. He's a good person for me, and that's everything that it takes.

Alejandro "Mopoz" Cano
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On the roster's instability

CS:GO nowadays has a lot of upsets. You are going up and then you're going down. But it doesn't really matter because there are a lot of tournaments. We need to give everything we have to them. It's impossible to have peak performance in every single one of them. But you need to trust yourself, keep working hard, because eventually you're going to be at the peak again and you'll reach the things like we reached nowadays.

Alejandro "Mopoz" Cano

Will it be hard to keep up with this level after the break

I don’t really think so, because we will be super happy during the player break. We need to relax. And when we come back, we will 100% make a bootcamp. Usually, we are really good in the early and at the end of the season, and we are struggling a bit in the middle. And we are going to focus on that. We are going to be even better next year.

Alejandro "Mopoz" Cano
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On Spanish scene development

I think right now the Spanish scene is very hard. Even if there are a few talented players, they really need that good environment and we don't have enough tournaments in Spain to make them grow. So it's really hard for that. I didn't expect to have my teammates at this peak level. So I think eventually we are going to have a good scene but this is going to take a few years.

Alejandro "Mopoz" Cano

On his charms that we saw on broadcast

Yeah, I have three charms that my friends and my mother gave me and the fourth one from my brother because he is the guy who introduced me to CS. It's something that I like to wear. But I don't use it in every single match. Because I don't want to think like I'm going to struggle if I don't have it. I just put it on sometimes. In a few matches I don't, but it's fine. They give me energy.

Alejandro "Mopoz" Cano

Movistar Riders sensationally reached IEM Cologne 2022 semi-final, reaching a new height for Spanish CS-scene. On their way to the top, they defeated G2, Vitality, and Liquid. The Spanish squad's victory over the NA team was achieved on stage in front of a huge crowd.

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