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NAVI tactics got leaked from IEM Cologne photo: here's how they play CT-side on Nuke

NAVI CS:GO team tactics appeared on the web. They were spotted in a photo taken by HLTV during IEM Cologne 2022. It depicts Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev, sitting at his PC with a pack of papers on the table. The upper sheet is visible enough to read what's in it.

S1mple already responded to the leak, stating there's nothing special in these papers. All the described things can be studied by watching the demos. Still, we find it very interesting to explore B1ad3's strategies from the inside. Especially on one of the best NAVI maps.

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We replaced all the names with nicknames to make it easier to understand. Some of the numbers are most likely position callouts. "9" is the most common here and stands for heaven.

1. "4A"

(No respawn for Perfecto and sdy): electronic main. We're 3 and 9: first throws molly at door and drops to throne [probably tetris or behind vent]. Second throws HE at the Hut, goes forward, and instantly focuses hut. S1mple throws HE at 46 under vent and smokes the door.

2. "221"

[221 is a 2-2-1 player position split] Electronic and s1mple outside. Sdy and Perfecto at 9 based on the spawn. B1T on ramp. 2) Jackz: B1T is admin for Jackz and then goes to 9 if the attack is on A, and takes Perfecto's right. Sdy main, spams, mollies door, second deep or for throne. The door smoke throws the first one. Perfecto mollies door, and HEs Hut, meets the Hut rushes, may fall back on the plant and extinguish [smokes himself if needed].

3. "Outside"

Sdy main, spams, throws deep door smoke, smokes the door, and goes outside to bait at blue. Later, he may throw HE based on the info.

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4. "AWP [ineligible] Then AWP Friberg"

Sdy smokes the door and swaps positions with s1mple, goes down, takes s1mple's smoke, and plays for info. S1mple first shows himself downside then drops smoke to sdy, and goes A, holds the door with AWP. Denis guards main, B1T plays for giving ramp away. Later: sdy plays "Tyloo" downside.

5 "DEF [probably "default"]: then AWP ramp swap"

B1T goes down when s1mple comes. S1mple smokes doors for us, flashes electronic to check outside, and holds ramp. Sdy stays on A with Perfecto. Electronic plays behind blue before smoke, after smokes, tries to check main and proceed main.

6. "AWP Ramp"

Perfecto at 9. Sdy without spawn: plays 4A, electronic main. Sdy with spawn: goes main, mollies the door, and focuses the door. Electronic plays garage like "DEF". For fast smokes: sdy goes to stop the boiler. And later s1mple goes to take boiler. For late smokes: s1mple smokes ramp and goes to instantly hold boiler, while sdy and electronic stop outside a bit. B1T from 9: throws HE at 1:46 and spams vent, then fast smokes door, and focuses the Hut for Perfecto. Electronic in garage, smokes red and mollies behind red, listens to gaps [maybe watches highlighted opponents]. B1T then plays for killing from ramp or from "Boris" as s1mple is downside with the AWP.

7. "AWP garage Then AWP ramp"

Electronic main: blocks starting smokes. Sdy from 9 focuses hut rushes, from top hut, or from hut. And then first drops down. Later, they may swap with electronic. Electronic focuses door rushes, may throw a second molly at the door if there's vent smoke. Perfecto from 9 mollies hut, HEs vent, and then instantly puts tricky smoke at door. Then, we can play late 221. In this case, s1mple controls main entrance.

8. "Tyloo 2nd stage"

Electronic takes the main entrance. Sdy plays solo downside with a smoke to the end. S1mple AWP ramp in the second stage. Perfecto on hut. B1T on "forward" and if anything, drops on plant.

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Some of the defaults seem to be written during Boombl4's captainship. There's "us" or "we" acting simultaneously with electronic on a different part of the map.

The papers were seen during the Astralis game in the semis. We tried to connect the descriptions with the game's events. As far as we can tell, "221" was used in the 2nd round. "Outside" in the 4th, "AWP garage" in the 7th but the latter was disturbed due to Astralis rush.

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