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FaZe analyst Innersh1ne talks preparation in depth, speaks about working with karrigan and Twistzz's dedication Interview

FaZe Clan analyst Vyacheslav "innersh1ne" Britvin discussed his career, working with Finn "karrigan" Andersen and other players, and gave his opinion on their main rivals, NAVI. The interview was conducted in Russian before the IEM Cologne 2022 grand final and published on Here are the most interesting takes.

On the most important lesson

Never think that you know CS well. That's the main lesson. Because every time you start to think that way, you stop improving. And when you meet someone new or dive into a discussion with an experienced player, you realize that you still know nothing about CS. Even three years after.

[Did you think that way, though?] No, but, occasionally, I find myself thinking that now I'm finally useful enough. I know and understand a lot. It usually happened when I moved from team to team: from GamerLegion to MOUZ, from MOUZ to FaZe Clan. But I was discovering that an experience can be different and extensive. In these moments, all my confidence was going down to zero. I think now it will be easier because I have enough tier-1 experience. I have at least more general knowledge.

Vyacheslav "innersh1ne" Britvin
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On preparation and analyst work

I have one sheet for a single side or two sheets for a match. One side is usually more than an hour of work.

Preparing one map takes one or two hours. It depends on the opponent, the map, and what I am looking for. In general, the main goal is to find any pattern that can help to win. It can be an opponent's weakness or some specific moment when you can use some tricks. Or a case when your team has a prepared tactic, and you determine whether it can work.

Usually, you split the opponent's match into a wide variety of categories. What are they doing with nades, how, and when? What are they doing after specific nades? What are their actions during pistol rounds, full buys, anti-ecos, and force buys? This is how you try to find patterns.

There are some specific moments on every map, which karrigan wants to know about, to convert them into something useful. I focus on them. These are a matter of long work with one team when you know exactly what your players, your captain, and your coach need.

Vyacheslav "innersh1ne" Britvin
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NAVI from innersh1ne's perspective. Is it hard to prepare for them?

No. NAVI were quite unstable lately. It's a usual team, and there's nothing special in preparing for them. <...> NAVI's game has some changes, but I think it's too early to talk about it. They are going through changes, and it's unclear if they'll keep sdy. I think we can talk about it after the autumn Major.

Boombl4 was a good fit for NAVI's structure, but the most important role in every aspect belongs to B1ad3. I think, Boobl4 had no opportunity to show himself as an IGL in NAVI. Simply because it's NAVI and it's B1ad3. It isn't a bad or good thing. It's just that. He was fitting NAVI, adapting to the system. From that perspective, he is a good captain. In terms of making decisions… I think we won't know it until Boombl4 gets to another team. We'll see then. For me, it's an open question.

Vyacheslav "innersh1ne" Britvin

On working with Karrigan

First months in MOUZ, I was working mostly with Rejin. After ESIC banned him, I had to cooperate directly with karrigan and learn a lot from him. At that moment, both the volume of work and the requirements increased. We began to communicate more, I began to understand more what exactly he needed. Before that, I had no idea how big of a role karrigan has in the team. Still, if there is karrigan in the squad, it is being called a karrigan's team. In the end, he liked the way I tried and learned.

He can make the most out of the existing resources. He can make every player give maximum impact. He will build the game and system in the most useful way for every player. I think it's his calling feature. He's the best at this. I'm not even talking about how he prepares for every opponent, how he adapts on the fly.

Vyacheslav "innersh1ne" Britvin
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IEM Katowice win with jks was the best example of karrigan's impact

The best example is how quick and easy we've built-in jks at IEM Katowice 2022. When we came to the event, we didn't know what the lineup would be before every game. It is the brightest case because jks didn't win anything before Katowice. It was his first tier-1 victory. Of course, jks is a great player on his own but I think karrigan did everything possible to fit him into our game with a minimal loss for the squad.

We had to switch players' positions. We needed to keep the balance of putting players in the right places and preserving the team's structure. Because everyone was used to their particular spots and played them for a long time already. Karrigan found a perfect balance, comfortable for both jks and the squad.

Vyacheslav "innersh1ne" Britvin

On Broky's AWPing style

I think he can become a top-1 world AWPer. He has great potential. What keeps him in the shadows in the eyes of the community, is his passive playstyle. In particular, his round opening style. He can do crazy things during a round, in the endings, in clutches. But he doesn't have that many aggressive peeks. <...> What's important is that he's playing in a system. I think he does it in a way karrigan wants him. They probably have a nominal agreement. Maybe in another team, he'd play like s1mple.

Vyacheslav "innersh1ne" Britvin
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About Twistzz's dedication

It is way easier to play CS when you have a healthy atmosphere in the team. Perhaps, you can call FaZe a family now. Everyone feels as comfortable as possible, both psychologically and in terms of play. Twistzz has nothing to stop him from performing well. Also, he had and still has great motivation. They didn't treat him too well in Liquid, so I think he's eager to prove to everyone how much of a mistake it was when they dropped him from Liquid.

He's the smartest and most dedicated player. So much so that one or two days after the Major final, I went on Steam, and Twistzz was playing CS. I asked him, "How are you? Do you want to rest?" He says, "No, I don't. You saw these games when karrigan played better than me. A 32-year-old guy, he is calling and still playing better than me. I want to have more impact. I can be stronger."

Vyacheslav "innersh1ne" Britvin

Ropz is one of the most versatile players in the world

Ropz is super great. The way he knows and feels the game, how he feels his opponents… He always does extra preparation before the matches. Let's say, Olofmeister may not go deep into my notes because he plays for 20 years. There are these types of players who can play off their feelings. Well, ropz, aside from feeling, is pushing himself to the limit in every situation. It's incredible. I guess he is currently one of the three most versatile players in the world.

Vyacheslav "innersh1ne" Britvin

FaZe Clan ended up winning IEM Cologne 2022 and did it in quite a fashion. Their ultimate season showdown against NAVI went for full five maps when FaZe edged out the opponents to win with a 16:14 score.

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