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Electronic comments on Twistzz drop in round 29 of Nuke in Cologne

NAVI captain Denis "electronic" Sharipov commented on the breaking point of the grand final of IEM Cologne 2022. He stated that he didn't hear Russel "Twistzz" Van Dulken because of the noise at the Lanxess Arena and/or team communications that were going on. He shared it with popular Russian YouTuber Evgeniy Rise.

Rise: What happened on Nuke? Everyone is talking about that moment at 14:14. Twistzz rushed once and then the second time. Everyone says there was background [noise], loud environment and there was a flash.
Electronic: They are correct. There was a lot of noise, I didn't hear that sound in my headphones at all.
Rise: They also did it in sync. [That's what] muted the info apparently.
Electronic: I think it's a coincidence, to be honest.

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At the score of 14:14, Twistzz jumped down from the silo, flew above electronic, and killed him after a brief pause. Denis ignored to the sound of landing, which caused heated discussions among fans.

Following two similar rushes by Twistzz, the grand final ended with a score of 16:14. NAVI lost the lead they had in the series and on the 5th map, Nuke. FaZe Clan became IEM Cologne 2022 champions and the first team to grab Katowice, Major, and Cologne titles during a single season.

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