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NiKo and huNter's ex-IGL Emi becomes free agent day before Aleksib's departure announcement

UK team Coalesce released its roster with Luka "emi" Vukovic. The Serbian veteran and former IGL for NiKo and huNter- became a free agent a day before Aleksi "Aleksib" Virolainen announced that he might leave G2 Esports in the future.

According to 1pv, G2 Esports wanted emi to coach during their rebuild at the end of 2021 when they added m0NESY and Aleksib. The Serbian had a contract with FPX, and the buyout price appeared too high for G2. The club ended with XTQZZZ as the head coach.

Recently, reported on possible XTQZZZ and Aleksib departure. G2 denied the rumors, but Aleksib's situatuion made it look more plausible.

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28-year-old emi was leading Balkan teams since the early days of CS:GO. He was a captain for NiKo and huNter in iNation and one of the players behind the success of Valiance. Under his leadership, nexa and huNter became noticeable players. At some point, emi switched to coaching, and their lineup under tag CR4ZY got to 9-11th placement at StarLadder Berlin major 2019.

Coalesce was created as an attempt to create a prominent British organization but failed to reach its goal. They swapped to international lineup with Jack "Jackinho" Mattson and Pere "sausol" Saumel, and later added emi. In the end he was on the team for only two months.

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