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EliGE explains Liquid's issues with eco rounds and talks his personal preparation for Cologne Exclusive

Liquid's Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski spoke to Escorenews after dropping out of IEM Cologne 2022 quarterfinals. In a discussion with Maria Gunina, he revealed how the squad rebuilt before the event, including his position change and YEKINDAR's impact, and shared his opinion on the issues the team had with pistol and eco rounds.

On Liquid's results in Cologne

Overall this was a positive event for us. It was the best event we had in a while being able to get to the stage, which we haven't seen in a while. Yeah, there have been many good positive things at this event. I think we had good reads and understanding of other teams the entire way through. And it's pretty much just came down to our execution or other little mishaps here and there that barred us from winning the games. So overall, a really good event from us. You can't go from last place to winning an event, it's just unrealistic.

Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski

Liquid restructured their team and practiced 10-14 hours per day to go that far

It's a result of how much time we put in. We play for 10-12-14 hours per day for about ten days straight. It doesn't seem like a lot of time, and it isn't, but because of how long and how much time we put into it, we got a lot out of it. We completely redid our structure of how we want to call rounds, off the strats that we had. We completely scrapped everything from before. So there was a lot of work that we had to do. And I'm happy that we came so far with so little time.

On CT, I've only changed my positions on two maps. It's mainly the T-side adjustments for me, where I have to play a lot more passive role, being a lot more patient at the beginning of the rounds. But YEKINDAR was very helpful for me in those rounds because he has a very good meta and macro overview of the game.

He paints a clear picture of what the other team is doing throughout the round, and what's necessary. I don't have to think as much, because he has such good reads. It's a positive for the team, which is something Stewie2K used to have in the team as well, when we had our success.

Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski
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On his personal preparation before the event

Other things from that, I was DMing a ton. Prior to our bootcamp here, I thought that my individual mechanical level hasn't been as good, so I started putting in a lot of work and DMing for 1-2 hours a day. Which is pretty much double from what I'd do before. Just putting so much time in my mechanics and being more confident with them.

I also started talking again to the sports psychologist we worked with before on Liquid. A month before, we started everything up, just getting my head in the right place, making sure the mental hurdles that will eventually come up, get stopped or I'll have a plan to deal with them. That's overall, the things I've been working on.

Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski

Why did Liquid lose so many pistol and anti-eco rounds in Cologne?

When we were going over out structure and team stuff, we haven't had that much time to go over anti-ecos. Obviously, we have talked about those rounds, but you can't do the same anti-eco every single time. You can't approach them the same way every single time. You have to have three or four different anti-ecos on every map, on every single side. And we just didn't have that time coming into the event. In terms of pistol rounds, I honestly don't know. I think that prior to that series, we've been pretty decent on pistol rounds. It kind of sucks that there were two of them that could have gone our way, but it just ended up not happening so it was unlucky for those ones.

Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski
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Does YEKINDAR bring a European approach?

I don't really think there's an NA style or EU style because there are so many different styles even between different teams. So it's really about how certain rosters want to approach different things. Prior, Liquid was always a free-flowing team. We didn't have every single step of the way planned throughout the round, and that's what we've changed coming into this.

Overall, Mareks is a very positive guy. He always wants to crack jokes and dance… he's just very ongoing in general. And I think it really helps, especially in tough moments. He's able to keep us all feeling good throughout the game. I think he helps a lot.

Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski

His plans for player break

I was thinking about going to some fun place. But I also do like to relax because there's always so much travel with this job, so I usually spend my player breaks chilling out. But I probably just gonna focus on my content and still playing, because there's really nothing else for me to do. I'm just going to take it easy and put out as much content as I can that I feel comfortable with streaming.

Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski

Team Liquid finished 5-6th at IEM Cologne alongside MOUZ. Both of the teams haven't seen good results for a while. They seem to share the narrative of rebuilding the team system ahead of the event. Before EliGE, we spoke to Christopher "dexter" Nong from MOUZ, and he revealed a similar story. You can read other interviews from IEM Cologne by following the tournament tag.

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