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IEM Cologne 2022 records: s1mple's 21th MVP, non-major viewership peak, FaZe winning all biggest events of season

IEM Cologne 2022 grand final faceoff between FaZe and NAVI had everything fans could've dreamed about. The series lasted for the full five maps and ended with a thriller on Nuke. The event ended with several storylines being closed. Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev earned his 21 MVP medal. FaZe Clan won the Major, IEM Katowice, and IEM Cologne, all during one season.

S1mple's MVP

NAVI superstar earned his 21 MVP medal, beating his own record. He posted 1.25 rating throughout the tournament on 15 maps. It's not the first time s1mple wins the award despite not winning the event. It happened for the fourth time with previous cases happening at StarLadder S4, DH Marseille 2018, and EPL S12 Europe.

B1T: "I want to win more Majors than Astralis. I want to win as much as humanly possible"

New viewership record

IEM Cologne beat peak viewership for a non-major event. The grand final brought 1.25 mln viewers. It is also the fifth most-watched event in the history of CS:GO by that metric. The previous peak for non-majors was held by IEM Katowice of the same year.

Source: Esports Charts

FaZe Clan make history

FaZe reached the goal, set by their IGL Finn "karrigan" Andersen. They won Katowice, Antwerp Major, and Cologne during one season. This was never done before, however, Fnatic did a similar thing in 2015. That year, they won EPL S1, which happened in Cologne around the same dates. Later, they won the Major, which was also staged there.

FaZe clan is one tournament away from IEM Grand Slam Season 4, and they have six chances to do it. If it happens, they will become the first international lineup to do that. One of the opportunities may be The Rio Major, which is scheduled for autumn 2022.

Broky's winning interview: "Hope we can come back stronger and go for the second major!"

Twistzz overcoming Stewie2K as the most earning NA player

Russel "Twisstz" Van Dulken had an amazing grand final, singlehandedly saving FaZe in the most crucial moment. After Cologne's victory, he topped the scoreboard of NA players' prize earnings, reaching 1.207 million. With it, Russel overcame his former teammate Stewie2K, who previously held the record. Twistzz is also the only player who is currently set to win the second Grand Slam in his career.


Movistar Riders breakthrough

Spain got something to be proud of at this event after Movistar Riders reached the semifinal. Never before has an Iberian squad got that far at a big event. On their way to the semis, they defeated Liquid, G2 esports, and Vitality (twice), losing only to the eventual finalists, NAVI and FaZe.

IEM Cologne 2022 was running in Germany from 5 to 17 July. Best teams fought their way to a million-dollar prize pool. It was the first event in the series after two years of the pandemic that had a crowd. NAVI and FaZe came into it ranked 1st and 2nd by HLTV, while other teams from the top-10 didn't reach the playoffs.

Rain: "We don't know exactly the limit of age in CS. F0rest is still playing, and I think he is capable of playing in top-10 team if he wanted"



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