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FaZe become champions of IEM Cologne 2022 in a perfect season ending

NAVI and FaZe Clan clashed in the final battle of the CS:GO season at IEM Cologne 2022. The opponents didn't disappoint the crowd, putting out a full five-map show that ended with FaZe victory — 3:2 Inferno (16:13), Overpass (13:16), Ancient (16:19), Mirage (16:9), and Nuke (16:14).

FaZe started good on Inferno until none other than s1mple stopped them, defending the B-site with Desert Eagle. In the end, Faze had to come back on their own pick.

On the second map, Twistzz made one of the highlights of the series, winning a very tough 1v3. But the following eco-buy broke the narrative in favor of NAVI and changed the flow of the game once again.

Ancient started with 12:3, led by NAVI in defense. FaZe mirrored their score, but that exhausting comeback led to their defeat in overtime. B1T set the score to 19:16 in a cold-blooded 1v2 clutch.

FaZe Clan had a relatively easy time on Mirage, finishing it 16:9. The deciding Nuke started in favor of NAVI, who managed to win several hero AK rounds in the attack. In the end, it was Twistzz who slammed through the opponent's defense and brought the team to match-point.

B1T: "I want to win more Majors than Astralis. I want to win as much as humanly possible"

FaZe took first place and won $400,000. They answered the main question before the summer break in the best possible way, beating their rivals and finishing as the best team in the world.

IEM Cologne 2022 took place in Germany from 5 to 17 July. 24 participants shared a million-dollar prize pool. The tournament returned on stage after two years of the COVID pandemic. In 2020, it was held online, and a year after, ESL ran it in studio format without a crowd.

Rain: "We don't know exactly the limit of age in CS. F0rest is still playing, and I think he is capable of playing in top-10 team if he wanted"



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