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Rain: "We don't know exactly the limit of age in CS. F0rest is still playing, and I think he is capable of playing in top-10 team if he wanted" Exclusive

We talked with FaZe Clan's Howard "rain" Nygaard about his long tenure with an organization, the impact of age on the CS career, and their rivalry with Natus Vincere. The interview was taken on the first day of playoffs.

How was practice after groups

We've tried practicing as much as we could. Of course, that's hard now, when the summer break started, and not many teams are playing. But we did the best we could, played individually as well, prepared a lot. [Is it hard to keep focus with such schedule?] No, I think it actually gives you more time to relax, and when the game starts, we will be more focused, because we had some time to let our minds relax a little bit, and not just focus on the game constantly.

Howard "rain" Nygaard

Why Cologne looks better than previous FaZe tournaments post-Major

Before Dallas and Lisbon we only had 4 days of practice. And before Cologne here now we had 2 weeks at home. We've played Roobet Cup online as practice, and we had a lot of practice with teams as well. I think, that was the main factor why we were playing better here.

Howard "rain" Nygaard

Does he feel the community pressure due to age

I'm still 27, so I don't think that matter too much now. But when you get to 30+, I think there is a lot more pressure, because you actually passed that limit, you know? But also I don't think we know exactly what limit is in Counter-Strike, we still have f0rest and NEO, they are both playing. I think that f0rest especially is still capable of playing in the top-10 team if he wants to.

We don't really know the limit of the age in CS yet. But of course, you always get some backlash from the community, there are always threads saying that you are too old, you should stop playing, but that's ok, I don't really care that much.

In general, I think the most important thing in Counter-Strike is confidence. If you aren't confident, it doesn't matter if you are 21 or 28. If you play and you aren't confident when you play, you are not going to be good. For me, lately I found my confidence again, and so I'm playing better, it is what it is.

Howard "rain" Nygaard

On rain's long time with FaZe Clan

I don't just have a bond with the org, I also bond well with players we get in the team in general. And I always feel that we really could do better than we are showing. That's why I'm staying as well, if there was a time I'd come to practice or a match, and I feel that we cannot be better, then I wouldn't stay here, right? It's been this way with every player, every version of the team we had. I knew we could do good, we could be the best team in the world. So, that's why I'm staying.

Howard "rain" Nygaard
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On NAVI's current form

Yeah, our last game was a pretty big stomp. I think they are in a really good form right now, they have a lot of confidence with sdy, and they are playing some really good Counter-Strike. But I also see some weaknesses, and I think if we end up meeting them, it's going to be a very close game in the final.

Howard "rain" Nygaard
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