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Junior on his playstyle: "The way I'm AWPing on this team is how I think most snipers should be playing with the AWP" Interview

Complexity Gaming members talked with journalists ahead of IEM Cologne 2022. They spoke on their experience staying in Europe for so long, and described how bringing Pro League back to North America could help the region.

Paytyn "junior" Johnson commented on his playstyle. He thinks that AWP is mostly a supportive tool, and should be mainly used to take map control instead of making flashy highlights.

The way I'm AWPing on this team is how I think most snipers should be playing with the AWP. They should support their team, getting in bomb sites with grenades, and playing the post-plants, holding angles for their riflers to take map control. That's how I think the AWP should play, instead of running in, quickscoping a guy and doing some flashy highlight stuff.

Paytyn "junior" Johnson
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Ricky "floppy" Kemery added to the discussion around bringing Pro League back in NA. He thinks that right now the region suffers from the lack of practice partners, and it could greatly improve the situation.

We need anything we can get. Right now it's like, compared to when NA had a Pro League, teams from Europe would fly to America and we would have smaller teams scrim the teams that fly in. It was bringing out better practice for everyone, and the region grew from that. Right now, everything is in Europe. We have to go to EU to play against the best teams, to practice, because NA is pretty much dead. There is no good teams, unless either Liquid, us or EG are there. There is three of us. We need everything we can get.

Ricky "floppy" Kemery

The members of the team also shared their experience of extended stay in Europe. Both Michael "Grim" Wince and Justin "FaNg" Coakley agreed that spending that much time far from home takes its toll.

Grim: For me personally, the extended stay in Europe can definitely be rough. Especially just because most of your time you are constantly staying in hotels, it's not like a home. It's kinda hard to get comfortable, especially since you are living out of the bag over and over again. And we don't get much time at home to begin with, so it's hard to mentally reset. So we use our breaks the best we can. So yeah, I'd say it's hard, at least for me.

FaNg: It's 100% harder. When you are in Europe, you are in a completely different timezone by default. Talking to your friends and everything back home is a lot harder, to have that kind of balance in maintaining life. A lot of things you don't have specific resources you do home, things like it's just having access to, could be a gym late night, a car, whatever it may be. It's not the same compared to when you are in Europe. A lot of times your options are far more restricted.

Justin "FaNg" Coakley
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