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Valve reportedly reverted transactions of $2 mln skin theft in CS:GO

Valve interfered after a skin collector lost about $2 million in skins. The theft from his account is considered the biggest in CS:GO. The story was mostly covered by the co-owner of, zipeL, on Twitter.

Two skin trading companies and both mentioned Valve blocking the items on the accounts which bought them. Community member Arrow shared screenshots of Valve's answer to the unfortunate buyers on third-party sites.

Both Buff and Market refunded those clients who lost their money. Buff supposedly returned $30,000 while Market refunded a bigger sum of $242,000 from its pocket. One of their buyers who spent $142,000 confirmed the refund. Some items, including two AWP | Dragon Lore, are supposedly still in market rotation, untracked.

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The skin collector under the nickname HFB was hacked on June 21 for a number of skins worth $2 mln. It was supposedly done through a steam support request. If we believe zipeL's report, HFB didn't login to this account for three years. When he discovered his loss, he immediately contacted Valve.

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